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ok well i wanna be a famous singer, but i kinda need help?

well ever since i was lil i wanted to be famous. i wanna be a famous singer wit a friend or go solo. but i kinda don't wanna go solo. im a good singer but sometimes i do not sing all that well in the morning but i sound way better later on in the day. im not afraid to sing in front of people. im only nervous when there is allot of people or if i don't know them. i write my own songs ever since i was like 10 i think. and i have allot of songs, but the ones i wrote when i was little isn't all that good. and one day when i become famous (with a friend) i want to be signed to the same place justin bieber is, and i want to be able to work with him also. so how would i be able to become famous with a friend (with out posting youtube videos)

if u have any ideas on how i can become famous.....please tell me

thx i appreciate ur help


hopefull these things work for me and pls put some that actuall work

and i am onle 13 so pls dont be so hard on me

Update 2:

and i also live in cali

los angeles

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    I see that your name is "Miss Bieber Babe", so I guess you're a fan of Justin's? He was discovered when he used to upload his videos to YouTube. Another singer was discovered like this too: Priscilla Renea used to put her videos of her singing and playing guitar on her channel.

    Maybe you could do the same? Create a YouTube account with a catchy name (if you're trying to promote yourself, use an original name, not something generic like iLuvTwilight79. Names like these will not be that great.) Alliteration is great for this :)

    Upload videos of yourself singing or playing an instrument (if you do.). You could also do covers; these get lots of views on YouTube. Put the titles of videos as simple as you can, such as "Rihanna - Umbrella (Cover)". This will guarantee you more hits and views.

    Write on your channel that you have always enjoyed singing and say how much music means to you. Add lots of random YouTube users as your friends; that way, they will most likely check out your channel.

    Make yourself available for contact, so put that you have a Facebook page, a Twitter and a MySpace page :) This way, if someone is interested in signing you to a label, they can find you easily. Even make an email just for contact.

    A blog, such as Tumblr (www.tumblr.com) is great for putting videos on or even lyrics to songs that you have written. Basically, just promote yourself online as much as you can.

    I hope I helped! YouTube is helping a lot of people be discovered, so why not try it? :D

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    I've got bad news, unless you know someone in the business, pretty much the only way to break into it is with a game show like american idol.

    If you're OK with just being kind of famous you could move to New York and try to do broadway shows.

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    record some songs and make a myspace music account and add lots of people who are fans of existing singers with a similar style to you ^o^ and just send stuff to many recording companies and agents

    Good Luck!

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    well in the music business you have no control over what you do especiaally if you sign a contract which you have to do in order to become. but if you have 2000 dollars and an travel to cali. your on top babe.

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    If you're goal is being famous I will tell you right now, you're going to fail. You have to work on perfecting your craft and then, if you are lucky, you will become famous.,

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