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My cat is losing fur on her behind?

She's about a year old, just a tad over, maybe. Her fur just around the base of her tail and a little along her back is falling out. I mean, some is still there, but I can see her very pale skin through it.

I had another cat who looked just like her(they're both fully gray and petite in body, and around their first year, began losing fur in a random area), but in no way is related to her. She had it around her eyes, though.

She doesn't lick at it like it's a bother, she doesn't even appear to notice it. So that makes me think maybe it's not too important. Also, don't tell me to take her to a vet, because the nearest is much too far away (no, there are no all night vet clinics, either), and unless it really begins to bother her, I'm not bothering taking her.

All in all, she's losing fur on her butt, she doesn't seemed bothered at all, her skin looks pale and normal, she's just losing fur. She and the other gray female I had to who looked very similar to her are the only cats I've ever had that have had fur problems. Any idea what it is?

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    it could be allergies take her to the vet they might give her a cortisone shot or tell you to give her benadryl

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