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My friend owes me money but refuses to pay me back?

I keep asking her to pay me back (nicely) and she keeps saying she doesn't have time to see me and she doesn't have the money and she's going away on Saturday. By the time she gets back I will have moved and so need this money now! How can I get the money from her?

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    tell her parents or boyfriend or a relative of hers, and say she has borrowed money off you and wont return it, she must have money if shes going away. if not say i want her stuff that will come to the same value that she borrowed off you.

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    You can't force her to pay without taking her to small claims court, and being that you don't have much written evidence, you may not get anything at all. As for being tight on money, you'll have to cut down on your spending until you can get caught up, borrowing it from someone else just makes another debt. When dealing with money or possessions, even with friends, ALWAYS have written contracts, and good or bad, document everything through the life of the contract. You will have an easier time in the future should you end up in court.

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    If she can not come to you why not go to her and get it?. Just tell her you were nice to even borrow her the money in the first place and it would only be fair she pays you back and that you will go to her house and pick it up if her getting to you is a problem. And next time id suggest to never borrow money to any friends or even family they seem to be the ones to rip you off the most because they feel its ok when its not. good luck

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    Did you two have a formal agreement that she would pay you back? If it's verbal you will need a witness and if it's in writing she would need to have signed it. If so you can take her to small claims court.

    If you had no formal agreement there isn't anything you can do. You were screwed over, sadly that's the risk you take when you loan friends money. Maybe you could bluff and threaten to take her to court, but you wouldn't be able to follow through.

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    If it's a lot of money, demand it back! You can't let a friend use you and push you around like that! She won't pay it back if you ask nicely! You have to be firm about it!

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    This happened with my friend as well..

    But she managed to take her £10 somehow,.

    But just go to her house..

    Ask her parents..

    i know this sounds a bit too extra,,

    But its YOUR money.

    and a ''friend'' who can't even return the money u have give to her sorrily doesn't need to be called a friend.

    Hope ii helped you

    Source(s): My friend experienced the same thing
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    That's why you don't loan money out. I would stay by her side through everything she does until she gives the money to you. Annoyance my be your best weapon. Don't worry about how she feels about it, because she certainly doesn't care about what you think.

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    personally i would keep asking her then the day befor she goes go to her and get it do anything it takes because by the sound of it your never going to see her again good luck xx

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    if u have a big brother get him onto her....or get ur mom to tell her mom....send threatening letters (when u move)...fall out with her demand the money and don't talk to her until she makes the first move...or just have a slap fight

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    Beat her ***, no joke.

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