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How much would you pay for your child to go to a summer camp?Please hurry!?

If it were for 4-7 yr olds,3 hours a day for 5 days, and it's a general/learning/fun camp. How much is the tops that you would pay, and what would be the best price. You would also have to provide a lunch for the child. Thanks so much!


Wow! That's all a lot. We are charging $45.00 for the whole 15 hours! It's nice to know how much people would pay for it

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    If you're asking me how much would I pay for summer camp, I'd say around a hundred dollars. It depends on what kind of camp my child is going to. While most camps are for fun and outdoor recreation, some are focused on religion and rehabilitation (that would be a special case, which I'm willing to pay more).

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    For a camp like that, I would pay no more than $125ish considering it was only 3 hours per day and you have to pack a lunch for your child. If it was a longer camp, I would pay more.

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    around 60 dollars

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    maybe $15 or $20 each day

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