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how can I look pretty when Im ugly?

Im 13 years old and I am pretty ugly.

- bad complexion ( acne, redness)

- weird eyebrows

- big nose

- small eyes

What kind of makeup should I wear? ( my hair is a light black, and my eyes are a dark brown.)

What colours?

Which cleansers should I use?

Any beauty tips appreciated. thanks!

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    If you have "weird" eyebrows you can get them waxed...they always end up nice and shapely after that :} Your complexion will clear up eventually, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Makeup...I'd say definitely do not wear eyeliner, it makes your eyes look smaller if you go all around the eye. I suppose you could do a line on your top lashline, that makes your eyelashes look thicker. I'd just go with mascara though, because I think the natural look is 394829x better, especially at your age. Don't worry about eyeshadow or anything yet. You could also wear foundation/concealer to make your skin look better. I'd go to a beauty store and have someone help you find your correct shade, because I know when I was 13 my friends all wore foundation that was like, WAAAY off shade for them. It looked horrible, ha.

    Alsoooo...I'm not sure about the cleanser, to be honest. I just use Cetaphil, but I have clear skin so I don't know about all the special types of anti-acne cleansers. If your skin is that bad, I'd go to a dermatologist.

    And frankly, most people have their "awkward" stage when they're about your age. You're going to look waay better in a few years, most likely.

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    The best thing you can do for yourself is accept how you look. Even the most beautiful person feels ugly on the days they can't accept how they look. In the meantime, wax your eyebrows if they are too thick, use an eyebrow brush if they are too thin, do NOT wear makeup that goes on your skin (brown eyeliner and lip gloss would be all you need), and I recommend Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. NOTHING would work on my skin, but this stuff does.

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    Stop worrying about how you look. Acne will soon go as you grow up, they are extremely common in teenagers. Eyebrows, get them waxed into shape at a salon, your nose; l am sure it does not look that bad at all, and small eyes can be made bigger by experimenting with makeup.

    Please don't do anything too drastic. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, they've just got to accept it, as you do.

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    Well, the easiest thing for now is to get your eyebrows waxed. If you can, consider seeing a dermatologist. I have acne too but my mom won't take me to see one :(

    You could try wearing con-acnegenic/ non-comedogenic makeup (that means it won't clog up your pores) Also drink lots of water.

    You could do something with your eyes to make them look bigger. There are makeup tutorials on youtube if you wanted to look into it. I'm not very knowledgeable on makeup so I'll just say to go to the 'experts' :)

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  • Face: go to a dermatologist and they can recommend medication for your skin.

    Eyebrows: you can get them shaped by either waxing or threading. I recommend threading over waxing because the shape of your eyebrows come out a lot better. or if your on a budget try tweezing but I wouldn't recommand that because many people ruin their eyebrows this way.

    Nose: make make-up your new best friend. contour your nose to appear thinner.

    Eyes: use make up to define your eyes. instead of using black eyeliner on your waterline use white eyeliner which will make your eyes appear larger.

    for contouring and eye make I suggest looking up videos on youtube. they're very helpful!

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    ok, im a guy i have really good advice on your acne. take your body weight and divide it by 2, and turn that into ounces. then you drink that amount of water daily my body weight is 120. so that divided by 2 is 60. thats how many ounces i drink daily. i have acne too, but it is already clearing and im on day 2:) you will see results within 7 days

    Source(s): im on day 2 of the water thing
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    Im sure your not that ugly... but try like pinks anything bright... well for your acne thats why God invented foundation just match it with your skintone.. walmart has bunches of them...heres a link..

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    paper bag and a roll of duct tape

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    Plastic Suregery

  • when you feel pretty and realize it you are.

    also there is something pretty in everyone even if you don't think so.

    Source(s): hope this helps:)
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