Sentence Structure Explanation?

please explain me these sentences below:

1) "There is a good chance of there being more crimes which are committed by poor people."

what does "there being" mean here?

2) "The licenses to provide the rail service will last for 10 years."

why they use "Noun+to verb" (as in "The licenses to provide")?

3) "The trees, as well as making the environment more pleasant to live and work in, will add a touch in colour"

what does the phrase "add a touch in colour" mean?

Thank you so much!

have a nice day!

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    1. of there being = that there will be

    2 'licence to provide' in this context is a phrasal noun. 'Reason to believe' is the same sort of structure - the verb is augmenting the noun.

    3 the usual form is 'a touch of colour'. touch means a small amount or accent so the trees will add colour to the environment - ie green

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