What College is best , for a teaching degree . ?

I might also wanna be a teacher . . But what is the best college to get that degree ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most schools offer an education major, and any good school will generally have a good (or at least fair) program in this department. However, here are some notable ones:

    University of Chicago (very difficult to get into)

    Northwestern (difficult to get into)

    Boston University (somewhat difficult to get into)

    Michigan State (somewhat easy to get into)

    Some schools offer a 5 year combined masters' program for education, which is very good, because you will have an easier time finding a job if you have a masters' degree. University of Connecticut comes to mind as one of these schools.

    Also, keep cost in mind. Teachers generally don't make as much money as, say, CEOs, so the more affordable your education, the better, because it's going to take a long time to pay back your debts. So I reccommend checking out one of your state schools, because in state tuition is generally very affordable. If you happen to live in California, UCLA and UC Berkeley are well-known for their education programs. Other top state schools include University of Oregon, UT Austin, University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Michigan State (as I said before), and Ohio State.

    Good luck!

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