in pokemon platinum could some one tell me what evs are and what smogon means by example 252 sp att evs?

hope this make sense

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    Mostly, it doesn't.

    EVs are... well... let me put it in a context sense, since I don't know how to define it.

    Take a certain Pokémon that you Rare Candied up to Level fifty or so (It only works with Rare Candies). Then go out and fight 100 Starlys with no item attached to said Pokémon. After you beat the 100, use a Rare Candy again. Did you notice that the Speed stat got a +17 boost? In one level?! That's ridiculous!

    That's what EVs do. Each Pokémon has a certain EV value, and Starlys just so happens to have +1 speed EV value. This means that each time you fight a Starly, you get 1/4 of a stat increase of 1 for speed. Four of these make up one stat up by 1.

    252 is the cap for how many EVs you can get for one stat. This means that if you fight 252 Starlys without an item attached*, you'll get 63 more than if you had not EV trained. Likewise, another cap is 510, which is the total number of EVs you can earn for a Pokémon period. This means that you can boost 2 stats by roughly 63 each and one by 1 and have 2 useless EVs left.

    Now, there are a few problems that emerge with EVs. You always earn them until you reach your 510 cap. After that, you don't get any EVs any more. This means that while you're fighting a gym leader, your Pokémon are gaining EVs for those Pokémon. Also, Carbos, Protein, Iron, etc. all take away from your EV cap by 10. Just so you're aware, they are LESS BENEFICIAL than actually EV training.

    There's a list of specific EV Pokémon below.

    *Items that will mess with the EVs include the Power Anklet/Weight/Bracer/Lens/etc., Macho Brace, Wise Glasses and Muscle Band. The Power Jewelry items add 4 to whatever EVs you earned in that match, with specifics (Anklet=Speed, Bracer=Attack, etc.). Macho Brace doubles the EVs, as do Wise Glasses for Special Attack and Muscle Band for Attack.

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