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What should I trust more: Mirror or Picture?

In the mirror I look okay, but then in pictures I look absolutely disgusting! which one would be more accurate? My camera is a high quality one, but can a camera really capture as much detail as a mirror?

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    mirror, that is actually how you look. the same thing happens to me, in the mirror i look ok but when i take a picture i look really disgusting, not photogenic i guess.

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    Trust the mirror. Pictures can be thrown off easily but simple things like colour, makeup, quality... a mirror makes no changes, unless of course it's a skinny mirror.

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    Mirrors are HD.

    Your camera is probably HD.

    Its all about perspective, I'm sure you've heard the saying "Take a photo from this side, its my good side" or "Ah man they took a photo of my bad side".

    Lighting etc all make a differance

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  • Most deffionately a mirror =)

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    Trust the mirror, I always take bad pictures (I'm extremely unphotogenic) but when I take good pictures I look totally different.

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    trust the mirror, a lot of people dont picture well but that doesnt matter it matters how you look in real life!

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    Me too I l hate getting my pic taken cuz of that

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    A mirror is exactly how you look



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