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HELP I am passing kidney stones, is there any home remedy I can use to help?

Besides drinking a ton of water. what else can I do? Especially to help relieve the pain. Thanks in advance.

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THANK YOU ALL..i have so many good answers and help from all of you it is very very hard to pick a best answer. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks so much!!

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    Here is some Jin Shin Jyutu selfhelp you can do for kidney stones :

    for a stone at the right side :

    right hand under right sitbone ( sit on your hand )

    left hand on top of your right shoulder

    For a stone on the left side, you do the opposite

    Hold for 20 minutes per necessary side, 3 times daily if possible

    Be patient, just hold and observe the sensations in the body.

    Also check other answers on Y!A :

    this article :

    and maybe this foodlist for the future :

    Hope this may serve you well.

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    Source(s): Heal Kidney Disease Naturally -
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    Source(s): Effective Home Kidney Treatment -
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    You can use the essential oils Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Wintergreen. Use a hot compress over kidneys a couple times a day, or take internally.

    You can also try 1-2 drops of the oil in 8 oz of water, and drink. To help pass a stone drink 4 oz of distilled water with juice from half a lemon every 30 minutes; then take 2 tbs. extra virgin olive oil with the juice from 1 full lemon and repeat daily until the stone passes.

    Good Luck! My dad suffered from these wish I would have known what I know now!

    Any other questions feel free to contact me!

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    Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally :

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    Drinks such as 7up help the passing of stones, anything fizzy and orange flavoured too.

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    Replace the water with vodka. Helps with the pain

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