What should I install in my 2002 Ford Explorer for increased power and mileage?

I have found a few items that I am looking at putting into my explorer. I am looking for an increase in overall power, acceleration, while keeping it at good mileage. Here are the items I have found.

http://www.thepartsbin.com/catalog/?N=1616+10333+4... (The first one)

http://www.thepartsbin.com/catalog/?N=1616+10333+4... (The first one again)

http://www.thepartsbin.com/catalog/?N=1616+10333+4... (unsure which to get)

What do you guys think? Thanks a ton! By the way, my explorer is a 4.0 L V6

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    Get a new CAI, performance plugs good wires and get dual exhaust.

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