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My retainer has an sorta strong odor?

I've had my retainer since December. My retainer has always had a faint smell to it but lately I've noticed that when I take it out to eat and rap it in a napkin, I can actually smell it...even from 3-4 feet away. How can I make the smell go away? Why is that smell there? I brush my retainer every time I brush my teeth (so at least twice a day). I brush each piece separately then I put them back in my mouth and brush them there too.

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    That happened to me too. What you do is buy cleaner tablets for dentures and soak them in it and it helps get rid of food build up and the bad smell.

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    Mine was like that for a while too.

    It happens because your retainer (like your teeth) accumulates bacteria, and bacteria causes odor.

    Go to the store and get some white distilled vinegar (try to get a big bottle, it's really inexpensive).

    Get a cup and put half a cup warm water, and a fourth a cup of the vinegar.

    Leave your retainers in there for a few hours, overnight for optimal results.

    THEN brush your retainers with your toothbrush and some toothpaste.

    It works better than anything else, I swear by it!

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    yeah i had the same problem to after a while your retainer really begans to get smelly even if you brush it...

    i dont know what the smell is i assume its caused by bacteria.. What i do which helps the odour is to buy false teeth cleaners in the tablet form ( such as Speradent) and put your retainers in a cup and use a tablet daily after u wear them or at night to help elimanite the odour, but after u wear them for a long period of time there obvoiusly going to be smelly

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