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Cleaning my hard wood floors!!??? they are very old. 10 pts best answer?

Ok so my hard wood floors are old and they are separating and dirt gets in the cracks... I cant reseal as this is a rented town home, how can I get these guys clean!! I will walk around barefoot and my feet are really dirty at the end of the day.... So gross.

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    Cleaning real hardwood floors, especially very old ones, is a real challenge! I have the same problem in my home, and while refinishing is the best bet, it's not an option for me right now.

    The problem is that over the years, the protective finish applied to the wood gets worn away, which allows dirt to get ground into the wood grain.

    The rule with real wood floors is to NEVER use a method that uses a lot of water - this will damage the floor further.

    I've found the best way to keep my floors reasonably clean is to use Murphy's Oil Soap, which is safe for use on wood. They even make a "squirt and mop" type formula. Damp mopping with Murphy's will lift some of the dirt, but serious cleaning will take some elbow grease! I do my floors by hand - wipe with a cloth dampened with solution (wipe with the grain of the wood), then follow with a dry (preferably microfiber) cloth. You'll be truly grossed out by the amount of dirt that comes up!

    Wear gloves when you do this - I've given myself several wicked splinters cleaning my old floors :-)

    Be aware that NO amount of cleaning will eliminate all the dirt - the only way to do this is to literally sand off the top layer of the wood and apply a new layer of varnish- which is what they do when they refinish hardwood floors.

    Hope this helps - good luck to you.

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    Murphy's Oil Soap

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    Okay vacuum them first. Then mop, then polish then wipe them down again with just water.

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