What would be good gifts to take to Korea for the Principal, Secretary, etc. that are uniquely from America.?

I am moving to South Korea to teach and want to take great gifts for the Principal, Secretary, and my co-teacher. I live in Ohio, but am originally from Michigan. Many people have suggested Whiskey, Honey, and Maple syrup so far. What do you think about those? Any other type of liquor? What types of other gifts do you suggest? Thanks.

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    A CD of Miles Davis. This is a long-shot but I have found many asians LOVE American Jazz. Another gift idea could be T Shirts from Ohio State University or Michigan. College T Shirts from the US are all the rage there- LOL. You can't miss with Chicago Cubs cap, or other baseball or football caps/shirts.

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    Good quality maple syrup is a good gift because its pretty expensive to buy in Korea.

    According to some friends ice wine is popular in Korea, so maybe buy a good, sweet Canadian ice wine.

    Hope this helps


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