Need blackberry email help?

I need to know how to make it where when i get an email it doesnt show up on my messages, basically how do i disconnect my yahoo mail from my blackberry without deleteing the account

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  • 1 decade ago
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    On your blackberry screen there should be a little icon that says 'Email Setup' or something like that. Go on that, and it will give you the option to delete the email account(s) that you have set up with your phone. And, don't worry it won't delete your account altogether, it will just make it so that your phone doesn't recieve the emails anymore.

  • mcveay
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    4 years ago

    go into settings and go into mail and shiz bit in settings, then click on the rush notifications and you will tell the telephone in case you prefer it to confirm for mail each and every 5/10/15/60 minutes, the telephone does this to maintain battery

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