I can't tell if he likes me! Advice?!?

I like this guy but I can't tell if he's interested in me. I met him in a bookstore, he works there I practically lived there this last semester. We exchanged numbers and became friends. The first time we hung out we had so much in common that we were able to finish each others sentences. Sometimes he'll say something that makes me think he likes me and then sometimes he says things that makes me think he doesn't. Last night I dragged him with me to go see Eclipse and I thought that him going to a movie like that might mean that he liked me; but then on the way there (he drove us) we were talking in the car and he was jokingly talking about me helping him pick up chicks (as he so eloquently put it). I thought that maybe he says things like that because he wants to make sure I know he doesn't like me in that way. I tried to talk to him about his feelings toward me once but he really didn't give me a yes or no. He said that his ex girlfriend screwed up his head so he just wants friends right now. I felt like he was trying to nicely say that he doesn't like me. He is really flirtatious with me (which is something that is newer since he's shy). And then he'll say things that completely throw me off. He got a tattoo the other day and text me a picture after it was done. He said "I figured you could lotion my back since I can't reach". He has a brother and a lot of friends but asks me? He's really good conversation too. I could talk to him for hours. We could sit and talk for hours and completely forget about everything else around us. He is always texting people when he's with me and at first I took that as a sign that he didn't like me but then I realized that I do the same thing. I know that I read way too deeply into things but I really like him and I just can't tell if he likes me. I know that he atleast finds me attractive. I was complaining that I left my makeup in my car when we went to the movie last night and he told me not to worry about it because I didn't need it. But that's the most I ever got out of him on that subject. He's very shy at first. It takes awhile for him to be comfortable but things are getting smoother, I guess you can say. Is it just his shy personality, or is he really not that into me? .


I've tried asking him, I never get a "yes" or "no". I don't really get an answer.

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    I'm dead sure he likes you,gurl.

    Flirting is a good sign.

    Remember, Guyz are Guyz. Don't go by his actions which might confuse you.

    Judge him by what he speaks to you. And what he spoke to you was all good to hear..right? :)

    As you said , he's a bit shy and takes time to get comfortable.. but if i go by what u said.. then he seems all comfortable with you..thats why he's into texting all his frnds while he's with you and he prefers hanging out with you than with any of his male companies..

    u also told about his ex and the breakup..

    Everything,in a nutshell.. says.. he might be shy but he's NOT with you... he just wants to spend more and more time with you... to finally one day give this relationship a name.. :)

    Hope tht helped?

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    Just ask him!! At the worst he says just as a friend and you go on with your lives and flirt until he likes you. There is no law against asking a harmless little question like that :)

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    Sounds like he's trying to get to know you still? Maybe he's being honest and wants to get over his ex. He's definitely interested in you. He wouldn't hang out with you if he wasn't attracted to you. Trust me.

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    Dude hes into you but hes scared. Just give him a little time. im stuck in the same situation but my crush has a girlfriend

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  • 4 years ago

    possibly jus permit him take a trace, a clue, a lead if u might :) certainly not say it str8 excellent jus to transport in and wen the second is proper u will kiss him without having to inform him wt u believe :D

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