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Xbox 360 Best Buy warranty?

I have a 2 year warranty on my xbox 360, and its almost over, if it does break soon, what all things will the warranty cover (besides the Red ring of death). And if i took the broken xbox to best buy to get it traded in for my new one, what all things do they do to inspect it to make sure it is broken?

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    It does not cover accidental, like dropping it or spilling something on it. It covers everything that came in the box, including the controller, hard drive, and if any games came with it. Basically, for the Xbox, it will cover: RRoD, laser stops working or scratches disc, won't turn on, etc. They will inspect it if it is broken, they usually hook it up to a TV at the Geek Squad and try it out to see what it is doing.

    If you're trying to break it yourself, you'll have to get really really creative. And by the way, you walk out with the same Xbox 360 you bought unless they do not have it. So you probably won't upgrade to the new one because we're still selling the older Xbox 360s, in case that's why you were asking ;).

    Source(s): Employee at Best Buy.
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