Does this major and minor match?

I for sure am majoring in theatre (I am a general theatre arts major, more emphasis on technology/design, I have already finished my first year) but I need to pick a minor. I was thinking film studies.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There really is no such thing a majors and minors that "match" necessarily. A better idea than trying to match up your major and minor would be to find a minor that gives you options. What if your theater career falters? Film studies isn't going to get you a job. The smart thing to do, especially if you are interested in the technology and design aspect of theater, is to get a minor in computers, interior design, graphic design, or something else that will increase your technological and design abilities, while still giving you real-life skills you can use if the job market is still rough. Or, if that does not seem interesting to you, you might consider taking a minor that is completely outside of your major interest--journalism, biology, English, business, sociology and the like--so that you can have a variety of options for when you are finished with school. Going into theater is great! But the competition is high, and the job possibilities limited. Best have a fall-back plan, just in case.

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    They don't have to go together. I majored in physics and minored in piano, and my best friend majored in medicine and minored in violin! x)

    My reccomendation is to major in what you really want do do as a profession, obviously- and minor in something that you just personally enjoy.

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