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When writing a script, how do you write a racing scene?

I'm currently writing a silly, over-the-top racing film in the same vein as Death Race or Crank or the Fast and the Furious films.

My question is: How exactly do you write the racing part?

Most of the races take place in unnamed cities on unnamed roads and feature many different racers who are sometimes separated, like one could be on the highway and another be on a side road a mile away.

How I would go at it is just set up the track beginning with EXT. UNNAMED CITY - RACE STARTING POINT- DAY or something that like and just say IN/ON [BLANKS] CAR when I need to focus on a single individual or move between them. I'd do this so I could avoid writing INT/EXT. LOCATION - DAY/SAME TIME/etc every time I need to switch perspectives and locations. There's only so many times you can write ROAD before it just gets tedious and confusing.

Am I making any sense?

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    okay here's an example. We have Road 1, Road 2 and Road 3 and Racer 1 and Racer 2 and Racer 3:

    EXT. ROAD 1 - DAY

    RACER 1 is racing down the road in his FLASHY car, KICKING up dirt as he does. We see his face now, and he's determined, near agitated. We see him race down an incline, dirt rising as he does.



    RACER 2 is speeding across a bridge, a small stream trickling beneath him, yet the sound of the streams are drowned out from his STRONG motor. He seems nearly scared as he GRIPS the steering wheel. He keeps looking behind him.



    RACER 3 is racing up a hill, his engine REVVING violently. The car climbs the hill gradually. Finally, he reaches the top and the car SPEEDS over the top, slightly rising off the ground for a few seconds. We see him now, and his jaw is set. He knows he's going to win this thing.

    Does that help? You just keep INTERCUTTING between the three (or however many) and it doesn't seem quite as confusing. :]

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