Does anyone have any tips for Bra size problems?

I am having problems finding a bra for myself. I am an A cup and it is big on me lol

Most of the time I don't even wear a bra because they feel uncomfortable. How do I find a bra for small chested women? I'm 24.

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    I'm not sure where you're from, but there should be a department or specialty lingerie store near you that does measurements. It only takes a few seconds, and they'll be able to help you select a bra that suits your body.

  • 1 decade ago has lots of affordable bras without the under wire. Also Playtex and Maidenform have bras for the smaller woman in half sizes. Also look at Barely There.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    the huge style is the size of the straps, the letter is the size of the cup. the only reason the 36DD isn't slicing you, is cuz the straps are too loose (misunderstood as "no longer supportive"). otherwise, you would be feeling the soreness of that bra. long tale short, your bra cup is merely too small. it might desire to be puzzling, yet you elect for a bigger cup length. bigger cup sizes are problematical to discover in small numbers, cus maximum women those with something over D have not got strap sizes contained in the low 30s. Blurry Angel is sturdy, yet sturdy success finding one to objective. there is no longer something incorrect with you. you merely ought to discover a custom bra greater healthful. many of the chain shops won't sell your length. i'm a guy , so how do i be attentive to? Having to discern this out for an ex. have confidence me, no one decide for's to be around a woman who's chronically uncomfortable. I fixed that as quickly as i'd desire to.

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    i have problems with bras 2 im 15 but mine ar way too big they look fake! go to the kid/teen section and look for smaller bras

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  • Amanda
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe go to the teens section and look for double AAs if the A is too big. If they make you uncomfortable, you know you don't have to wear one. You can buy pasties or something to make sure your nipples don't show.

  • may
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    1 decade ago

    Try a padded A cup bra. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    try buying online. the websites for victoria's secret and bare necessities both have AA sizes.

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