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ways to get my 12 year old brother to go to school?

he refuses to go to school he goes back to sleep when we wake him up and when we threaten to take his computer games away until he goes to school he thinks we're joking

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    My parents would literally drag me to school because I refused to go every single day. Twice my mom sent me into school when I was crying (I was crying because I really didn't want to go). And I guess it worked, because I went.

    But if he refuses to go to school everyday, you might want to try asking him WHY he hates going. My parents took me to a psychiatrist who gave me anxiety/depression medicine, and after that I really didn't have that much of a problem going to school. Also, there were 500 kids in my grade, which is just way too many, so my parents finally agreed to let me go to a private school with only 57 kids in my grade, even though we can't really afford it. Now I don't mind going to school. They refused to let me for years, and only agreed when the psychiatrist said it would be a good idea.

    But when I was younger, my parents made me go to a few different pyschiatrists because I wouldn't go to school. I absolutely hated going, but my parents made me go whenever I missed too much school, and when they told me that if I stayed home that day they would make me go to the psychiatrist, I almost always went to school.

    But I definitely think it would help to ask him why he doesn't like to go. And if you have any more questions about it, if you email me I'd love to answer them! Good luck!

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    I agree with people above. Is there a reason why he doesn't want to go to school? Is he scared of something, getting bullied?

    Ask him about it gently and ask him if maybe he'd like to Switch schools or something.

    Threaten him too, tell him (and this is true) that it is illegal that he doesn't attend school. People will get curious and the school will too - they could send over social workers and then the police could get involved to figure out why the boy isn't in school. Then they could take him away if he's gone for long enough.

    And don't threaten him with taking away his stuff. Just do it. If you keep the empty threats up he will think he can get away with anything. When he's asleep take away the games, heck disconnect the computer and hide it somewhere inside your room or the something and don't tell him where it is. When he starts going to school over the week slowly start to bring back the stuff.

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    Take things away including his right to watch tv or leave the house if he does not go to school. This is life - adults have to go to work and children have to go to school. Of course this is only if you're absolutely sure he is not being bullied or suffering from depression in which case finding out the root of his problem is the first step. If he's just entering the lazy teenage stage and has been getting away with too much he needs to learn his responsibilities fast before it seriously affects his future.

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    Ask him what is wrong and specifically ask if anyone is being unkind to him or bullying him. Also try not to punish as he may be crying out for help. If he says that he isn't being bullied possibly get him to see a counselor.

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    A) He's either getting bullied, or B) He's entering his "rebellious" stage. Either way, take him to a psychiatrist. He may also be depressed. Any other abnormal things you have noticed? Has he not wanted to get any other times? Good luck.

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    Tell him he's going to juvenile detention if he doesn't. Fake call them. He'll be begging at your feet.

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