am 15 weeks and my stomach growls and theres a little pain?

am 15 weeks and my stomach growls alot i also have slits pains along with it is all ok?

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    When your stomach growls it is either a gas bubble moving or you being hungry. If there is pain it is probably severe hunger which you get during pregnancy. The severe pains, if they are in your uterus you feel, could be your uterus stretching and making room for your growing baby.

    If you are concerned or just feel like something isn't right, call your OB.

  • 4 years ago

    I had 6 bad urine scan two have been performed via two distinctive girl's clinics. So I inspiration whatever maybe mistaken and went to the health center. Where they did the blood scan that got here again constructive. So it's most likely to get plenty of negatives. But it's also most likely that whatever else can rationale the identical issues. i could now not wait, You must name your healthcare professional to established a identical day appointment. You must get all matters dominated out. Don't cross in anticipating to be pregnant, however allow your-self be amazed if you're. It makes existence extra a laugh.

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