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What's all this draft and restricted agents etc?


im a habs fan, but i've only started watching them after the olympics but i've learned about hockey sooooo much in such a short period of time its crazy. But now im confused what exactly are drafts, restricted agents. The drafts the teams pick, do they play for them or for their junior team? Can you please please explain everything so that i could understand it and not look like a complete fool infont of my hockey obsessed fan uncle.

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    They usually attend the NHL team's training camp during summer and if the coach feel they are ready to play, they'll join the team. If not, they'll play with the junior team for a while.

    Restricted agent is a little hard to explain so here's a link that describe everything :

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    Draft: Players within a certain age limit (from 17 to 24 i think) have to register for the draft before they play in the nhl. Basically the draft is just a fair way for every team to be able to get good players so that undrafted young players don't only sign with great teams. Teams take turns picking players for usually around 7 rounds, so about 210 players get drafted. These players are then bound to that team for the next 3 years usually even if they don't have a contract, this means nobody else can sign them even if they don't have a contract with the team they are drafted by. Without a contract these players go back to their junior teams or go to a college team. If you want a drafted player to play in the NHL you sign him to a entry level deal which is always under 1 mil per year and is 3 years long. There is a lottery between the bottom 5 teams to decide the order of the bottom five and the rest of the non-playoff teams are ranked accordingly behind those 5 teams in selection order. For the playoff teams the final 4 always get the bottom 4 choices with the cup champs going last and runners up going second to last. The other 12 playoff team's selection order is chosen based on both there playoff and regular season by the NHL.

    Restricted Free Agents: If a player is a restricted free agent (rfa) than they are under the age of 27 and haven't played 7 years in the league yet. Rfa's can be offer sheeted, meaning other teams can send in an offer sheet to the NHL with draft picks that the team is willing to give up to the team with the rfa and the contract that they want to sign the rfa to and the NHL can deem whether or not it is a fair deal. If it is a fair deal the team the rfa belongs to can chose to match the money made in the contract that the rfa is being offered and the rfa has to stay no matter what they want, or the team can offer less money in hopes that the player will stay but if he doesn't than they get the draft picks that were offered on the offer sheet. Offer sheeting a player is considered unethical by many gms and losing the respect of people you need to make trades with isn't a good business idea so a lot of the time gms will try to make trades to the gm for the rights to the player rather than offer sheeting them.

    Teams must make qualifying offers by june 30 on all rfas that they have or those rfas will become ufas and anybody can sign them without an offer sheet or a trade for their rights. To do this the gm must offer them 15% more than their previous salary and if the player is 23 or above they can file for arbitration. Arbitration is when they speak to a 3rd party and after the third party hears what both the team and the player has to say they determine how much the player will make in the next season. If a team doesn't want to pay the money than they will walk away from the player and allow him to become a ufa.

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