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58 days late and negative hpt?

i am now 58 days late and getting negative hpt's. I have a few symptoms along with the missed period they include lots of white kinda clear discharge,vomiting,nausea and headaches i have taken so many hpt's. I have not been to my ob yet but have made an appt. to go which is 3wks away so if anybody can help that would be great.....and no i don't have a std :)


never been on any birth control

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    You need to get to your OB, there is nothing we can say that will be accurate. It is possible for you to be pregnant still, some women but very unlikely. It could be a list of complications, or a side effect of any birth control you might be taking.

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    i never had a period for 2 years it turned out i was very anemic,pregnancy isn't the only reason to miss periods,see your gynecologist,

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