Can a child choose who they want to live with if the parents were never married?

My parents were never married. My mother does not accept me and chooses to blame my father for everything. My father loves me and I want to live with him. Im under 18. What can I do?

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    doesn't matter if they were married or not.. they are YOUR parents.. so yes you can choose who you live with

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    Your Dad has to petition the court for a custody change.

    Tell your Dad you want to live with him.

    I suggest you *not* tell your mother.

    I presume she is abusive and she will take it out on you.

    You need to meet with a lawyer with your Dad and if you have a solid chance at changing custody then you go for it and blind-side her with it.

    Custody is determined by an objective 12~14 point system.

    Just because you want to move does not mean it will happen.

    Typically 1 point is given to the child's preference.

    The judge typically gets 1~2 points to throw his way which you can try to sway your way.

    They have to convince the judge you want to switch households for good reasons.

    Having custody is typically 2 points and ties mean you stay put.

    Legally you cannot decide where you stay until you are 18 however police departments will typically not enforce the return of a child 16yo of older if they express desire to stay and the environment they are in is sound.

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    If your dad is willing to fight for you then you can go to court and a judge can decide, the judge will take in to consideration where you would prefer to go. It will matter more with stability and capability though. If you will have your own room, have a stable living environment, have food, and your father is deemed a fit parrent then the judge will allow you to live there.

    Source(s): I was a child of divorce and have been through multiple custody battles...
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    Yes, my parents are not married and by law I have a chose to live with who ever I want. If your mom says no, you can tell your dad to take it to court where you will go live with your dad. :)

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    im sorry hun, thats sad! what you can do, talk to your mom about it calmly. make it sound temparary and you just want to see how it goes. she's not going to break easy, your her baby! she wants you around. maybe see if your dad can take her and u to dinner and discuss it calmly together. open the topic yourself and have your father say he's ok with the idea. make sure to reassure her you will see her often and call everyday.and you love your daddy too, and you just want to share your time with daddy now. because courts and fighting with you, and having to let go will break her heart.

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