why is it so hard to get a new council house these days!?

the council are to lazy and wont move us, they know exactly all the bad stuff happening at my house because its a curse!.. every time i get a new puppie it dies:( its very strange because we take good care of them we give them their injections so they wont get sick or anything we keep them indoors during winter... btw we do have a some kind of spirt in our house that doesnt seem to like dogs:(i know its silly but it seems true:O.. our neighbour told us that a lady died in our house somewhat 20 years ago... but back in our old house the dogs we had lived up to their old age....so what do you think could our house be cursed? it was built in the 50s 60s:/..... if i dont get moved in the next year i will snappppp!..and cant get anymore dogs till we move, for gods sake

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are lucky to have a council house at all, the waiting list can be over 10 years in most areas. The council simply will not have any other houses available you can move into.

    Most people can only move council houses when they do a swop with someone else.

    This is because of the right to buy scheme introduced in the 1980's, which allowed a lot of council tenants to buy their houses cheaply and hardly any were built to replace them. That is why there is such a chronic shortage of affordable housing just about anywhere.

    It's unlikely your house is cursed it might just not to be suitable for dogs, that's all.

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