15year old girl. present ideas?

My daughters birthday is July 26th.

the only promblem is we don't know what to get her. and she doesn't know what she wants.

I mean she already has a nice tv, a ipod touch, laptop, etc... but there has got to be something out there that she wants. shes into basketball, and shopping and stuff like that. but she doesn't really want giftt cards or stuff like that. anyways, what does every 15 year old girl want present wise. please help! easy best answer!


nor does she want money. she was a legit gift.

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    nothing...............o wait how about real love because if you dont she will end up dancing on a pole

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    Sounds kinda like me as a kid. I'm 28 now though so times have changed. I'd find out what download stuff she uses to download music and get her a card for that. My sister is 16 and she loves stuff like that. I mean it sounds like she's not really helping you out any. You should ask her best friend. They always know what your kid wants. Humm basketball..has she been to any big time games? Might take her to one of those?

    I liked any present I got as a kid so I'm not good to ask.

    OR maybe some concert tickets? Her friend will know who her fave groups are.

    Well Good luck!


  • Get her the iPad :). Just kidding. Maybe.. iPads are like a giant iPod touch don't get one. Anyways, maybe should could get a phone if she doesn't already have one.. How about a CD or concert tickets for her and 2 friends or whatever? Depends what you're willing to spend i guess..

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    an exspencive necklace. ring or earrings that way she will have somehing that she can keep forever. Hope this helps. or tickets to go see a band or singer that she likes but get her two so she can take a mate. im 14 nearly 15 by the way.

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    give her nothing! if she dont know how are you supposed to? or you could just give her the money, she will like it, everybody likes money (im nearly 15 by the way)

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    how about being not spoiled? JC! i lved my life without so much as a computer, and she has all that crap? wow. oh wait, i know, buy her an insane clown posse CD. i bet she doesnt have one of those! :)

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  • ;)
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    a digital camera!!

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    a family photo collage or friends photo collage or two wheeler or four wheeler or nice dresses or a puppy ... well tats wat i can think...

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