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I love my boyfriend very much and we plan to get married in a couple of years. Here is the problem. I have chosen a major in college that will most likely (like 99% sure of it) require me to move somewhere else in the state, in not out west (live currently in the midwest). I have been bringing up the idea of moving in the future and he is almost completely against it because there is a good chance he will inheret the house he and his family are living in (nice house but honestly I don't know if I really want to move there, small house with only one bathroom and the whole house needs a lot of work) and it was the house his dad grew up in so it has some family history. I know he isn't completely against the idea of moving because we have talked about our ideal dream house and we both want a log cabin. How do I handle this? I know I will need to move and I want him to go with me, how do I convince him that moving will be necessary for my job?

Also I don't plan on leaving him so don't suggest it

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    I'd say talk to him about this and how much it means to you. Then take a second to look at the situation from his perspective and see how much the house means to him. If you are unable to see how much it means to him, do a little bit more talking and then think again. You guys have different opinions right now and sooner or later you will feel betrayed by one another for not being able to put your partner's wants and needs before your own. This is a very tricky situation and the only solution is to talk about it, a lot of talking!

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    Talk to him but if he is dead set on staying in that house, and you are dead set on your career path... then you will most likely end up with a long distance relationship... you can't convince someone to do anything you can only suggest it... and he has to make the choice as to what is more important you or the house... its the same choice you will have to make... your career or your boy friend...

    I'm going to guess you aren't even 20 yet... so I suggest growing up before you plan that far into your future.

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    Murder him and carry his corpse with you in the trunk of your car.

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