how long does a misdameanor & a felony stay un dax report?

DAC report has a misdemeanor on my report that is over 20yrs old and a felony for posession of a firearm that was disputed, first offense serving probation that is 10yrs old. When or can these reports be removed from Dac Report, it's keeping from from getting hired lately.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your DAC report is from Hire Right, a subsidiary of USIS who acquired DAC Services, Inc. some years back. HireRight gethers the information from existing law enforcement and consumer reporting databases. If you committed the crime, even 20 years ago, it will remain on your record forever. There's no such thing as a crime dropping from your record after a certain amount of time. You committed a crime, you broke the law, you made a mistake.

    Judging by the way you composed your question, I think it would be fair to assume you refuse to take responsibility for your actions when you meet with employers. So long as you make excuses, justify your actions, and try to "explain away" the criminal act, employers will continue denying you employment. Take responsibility for your crime. We all make mistakes, but only 30,000,000 Americans are convicted in court for those mistakes. (The actual figure is more than twice that).

    Your background report (Hire Right) will remain forever so long as you were convicted of a crime in a court of law by a judge in good standing with your state at that time.

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    1 decade ago

    Misdemeanors can be expunged if you have no further criminal charges. Felonies are rarely expunged. Many just drop off if you have not had further negative contact with police.

    You didn't explain the firearms dispute. Was it dropped? On what basis were you charged with felony possession of a gun? Under no circumstances may a person who has committed a felony own a firearm. Did you do any prison.jail time exceeding 1 year and a day?

    Sorry, but you left out a lot of pertinent information to give you a solid answer.

    Good luck to you........:)

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