Is "can you take us a picture" bad grammar?

Last night I was out and we asked someone to take a picture. He then pointed out how this was bad grammar and acted like the grammar police. Was this bad grammar? In what way? Or could we have said "Can you take a picture of us" perhaps?


Thanks. It's going to be hard to choose the best answer. Was that bad grammar? HA! From now on ima have my guard up :(

Update 2:

Yes. English isn't my first language but have been speaking it for ~20yrs (I'm 22-23)

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    The two words "take us" means to carry or guide a couple of (or more) people - as in "Could you take us to the mall" - meaning would you agree to help us get to the mall, say by driving us in your car, or showing us how to walk there. It is a rather bad grammatical error, but most anyone should have known what you were trying to communicate, particularly if you were holding out a camera. I see the phrase "suggest me" many times here on YA, which is just as bad a grammatical mistake. I presume English is not your native language.

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    Take Me A Picture

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    Actually, it is correct, but it could use some clarification.

    "Can you take us a picture?" is an inversion of the statement "You can take us a picture."


    You can take us ..a. picture.

    (The extra periods were for alignment.)

    In that, "You" is the subject, "can take" is the verb, "us" is the *indirect statement*, "a" is an adjective (or article) and "picture" is the direct object.

    The direct object is the thing that the subject is doing. However, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from the indirect object, the thing that answers the question "To whom?" or "For whom?".

    Therefore, "Can you take a picture for us?" is essentially identical to "Can you take us a picture?" but the latter's structure is somewhat clumsy.

    Another suitable version is "Can you take a picture of us?" where the prepositional phrase "of us" is acting like a possessive adjective.

    One other reason why "Can you take us a picture?" is a bit clumsy is because "to take a picture" can be classified as a verb separate from "to take".

    In Latin, the original and my first example would be identical. My last example would be different, though, because instead of using the dative case I would use the genitive case for "us".

    In conclusion (haha), "Can you take a us a picture?" isn't necessarily *bad* grammar-- it could just be improved.

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    Yes, you should have said, "Can you please take a picture of us?"

    Sadly, it sounds as if this person, while possibly trying to be helpful, must have escaped from the etiquette police, as it sounds like he was acting rather rude and overzealous about pointing out a minor grammatical error.

    I hope this doesn't deter you from continuing to enjoy yourself and speak with people. Most people are much nicer than what it sounds like this guy was. Good luck!

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    lol it extremely is truthfully humorous! i grew to become into taking a formative years progression type in college years in the past, and between the issues it especially mentions is to "by no skill tell the youngster 'wait until your father/mom receives abode." whilst the instructor requested us if it ever surpassed off in our residences, the girl next to me stated her mom were doing it for years, yet her dad hasn't come abode yet. we don't do this for the period of our abode although. My son thinks the two me and Mr Dawna are the two evil.

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    yeah not gonna lie it is kinda bad, better way to say it is, "would u mind taking a picture for us?" or something along that boarder

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    Well first of al that guy is a jerk. It is not going to kill him if you say that however... "Can you take a picture of us?" probably would have been your best bet.

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    yes, it is bad grammar, you should of said can you take a picture of us.

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    It is certainly unclear. "Can you take a picture of us" is the preferred syntax.

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    "Can for take for us a picture?"

    or your alternative is fine.

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