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What 3 things would you have done differently if you could "do it all over again"?

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    I would have established a margin account and bought 500 shares of Hansens when it was trading at 52. In one day it jumped to 56 and in six months, it topped 183.

    I would have bought 1000 shares of BOOM when it was sitting at 1. In one day it jumped to 200.

    I would have sold my oil stocks before they suddenly tanked.

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    I would not have hurt some people i did- it was just not worth it.

    I would have had that ice-cream at the park- what the hell, life's short!

    I could write a book...but all said and done, i am happy with everything the way it is.

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    1) attend a phone call properly..

    one wrong sentence ruined my frndshp..

    2) meet a guy properly

    he made a wrong impression of me

    3) help a poor

    i ignored n moved forward, i regretted alot after that..

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    i would study a different carrer... i am a computer specialist. but i think is better something about oil.

    i wouldnt be so shy..

    i would help more Pets than people

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  • 1 decade ago

    not see a psychiatrist not take the medication sue the psychiatrist

    Source(s): personal experience
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