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Would my town have any legal recourse if I made bigger and better recycling bins and gave them away for free?

This is all for my idle knowledge but for my curiosity help me out with this.

As I understand, your town or city gives away free recycling bins for one reason - that is to imply ownership of your recyclables and to show the owner has not given up possession of them to the public.

Let's say go out and buy bigger and better recycling bins, give them away free and lobby how they should use my bins. I successfully get my town or city to use my bins. 1 - Would the town/city have legal recourse against me if I beat them at their own little profit making game? 2 - Would have be able to now sue the town or city because they're taking my property acting on the assumption regular recyclable collecting still occurred?

Play this out in your mind and give me your opinion on how this would play out : )

The local laws stating you can't collect recyclables only apply if you're using their "property" or free recycling container, that's the only reason they give them away for free.


This all stems from a fews years ago when we got back from a 1 month vacation. There was a notice on our door stating if we didnt' put our recyclables out regularly, we would be fined, the notice was laughable and made me wonder.

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    i don't think they would take action against you, but they also may not pick them up.

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