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Ladies what would you suggest I look for in a woman?

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    Here are 10 Suggestions:

    1) Find a women who is not prone to excessive complaining. Life with a complainer can make for a dissatisfying and unhappy life.

    2) Find a women who is honest, faithful, and loyal so that you never have to worry about where she is or what she is dong.

    3) Find a woman who is a good communicator. This is the key to every good relationship.

    4) Find a women who is tender and vulnerable, but not controlling, needy, or clingy. This indicates that she knows how to be a woman of character and compassion, not drama.

    5) Find a women whose friends say "she has a heart of gold." This indicates that she is kind, thoughtful, generous, and helpful.

    6) Find a woman who knows how to dress: clothes tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady.

    7) Find a woman who takes care of her body. She doesn't have to be a supermodel, but an obese or sloppy women most likely leads a pretty sloppy lifestyle.

    8) Find a woman who shares your morals, beliefs, religion/faith or lack thereof, standards, and persepctives on life. Relationships often encounter problems when one person feels it's okay to do something (and does it) where the other feels it is completely wrong.

    9) Find a women who shares some of your hobbies and interests. It's very rewarding to be able to do something you love WITH someone you love.

    10) If she's a good cook, that's definately a plus. Not a requirement, but a plus. Or at least willing to learn to cook. I enjoy cooking for my husband and I love knowing that he enjoys eating it.

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    Virtuous you should look for a virtuous woman and one whose moral and loyal.

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    Honesty, education or skills, and comparable looks to your own.

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    How about you look for what YOU want.

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    Hawt, eyes, humor, intelligence, income and how she treats the males in her life =)

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    a hot respectable FOREIGN chick

    Source(s): pls stay the hell away from western women ur gonna live much longer trust me less stress
  • Well, that depends on what do you like

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    Why are you asking US? Shouldn't you be asking yourself?

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    her delicacy n truth inside her eyes

    please help me wid mine also :(

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