what silver alloy is more resistant to corrosion silver-nickel, silver-chrome, silver-copper?

Sterling silver is a combination of Silver-copper of 92.5% - 7.5%

What other alloys without using Precious Metals (e.g. palladium or gold) can be made with silver and avoid corrosion with environmental conditions, especially sulphur.

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    Silver chrome would have the highest resistance to corrosion. That is why they use it in stainless steel and also plate the cylinders on hydraulic units.

    Silver can be amalgamated with mercury to make a hard substance that is very resistance to corrosion and also has the property of being a liquid for a few minutes until it hardens into whatever shape you form it. Silver amalgams last in the human mouth for 50 years or more resisting alkali's and acids and enzyme activity and great abrasion

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