how do you measure a mile in a field?

i need to be running a mile for preseason, but i cant get to a track. I have a 4 acre field, so I have the room, i just need to know how to measure it correctly...also need to measure out at least 100yd. going by 25yd. need an answer asap!!! suppose to be doing it today...


i need to be able to record my time, and how much miles i ran, i have to run for bout 30 min, and be able to record how many miles i ran...I also need to know how to measure 100yd cause i have to sprint 400yd... i have a whole list of stuff i have to do this summer...

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't run a mile repeatedly if you're training for a mile. Instead, run 3-4 miles. So, don't measure it out. Just jog for as long as you can. If you get your 3 mile time down to like 25 minutes, a 6-7 minute mile should be simple. Just pace yourself with the faster of the bunch.


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