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Chipotle online ordering: can I place an order for some time in the future or do I have to pick it up now?

I've searched the answer archives for this question and people have asked similar questions before but the answers given were absolutely unresponsive. So I'll try to be clear about what I'm asking.

I would like to order food from Chipotle online so that I can go to the store to pick it up. Can I place the order ahead of time so that it's ready for some time in the future? For example, can I make an order at 12:00pm and request that it be ready for pickup at 3:00pm? Or can you only place an order for pickup immediately? For example, if I place an order at 12:00pm will they start assembling it immediately expecting me to pick it up as soon as possible?

The form on the website is unclear. There is a field called "meal for." What do I type in that field? My name? The time of pickup? "to go" / "eat in?" There is another field called "additional comments" where I could presumably write anything including the time I wish to pick it up. My only reservation about doing that is if you break protocol at a fast food restaurant you are asking for trouble. The employees typically don't have the authority or mental capacity to deal with variations and your order gets completely forgotten.

To reiterate: can I place an order on Chipotle's website for some time in the future, or must I pick it up immediately?

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    Yes you can. There's a section where you are able to put in the requested pick up time. They will make your order as close to pick up time as possible. Additional comments field is for any special instructions regarding the order.

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    Order Chipotle Online

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    Chipotle Online Ordering

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    by putting a date you indicate when you want to pick it up, the comment area is like to ask for extra napkins or anything you want included in the order

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