i rented uncharted 2 and infamous but i just got an email for uncharted 2. i didnt get any email saying that they mailed infamous just uncharted 2. i already received uncharted 2. should i wait for infamous or report it as shipping problem? i waited like 2 days already for infamous

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  • 1 decade ago
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    don't report it just yet give it like 3 to 4 more days even tho you rented both of them it doesn't mean they are coming from the same place it just happened to be the one that sent uncharted 2 just happen to be closer so don't worry about it give it 3 to 4 more days and im sure you will get it.but while your waiting on infamous play uncharted 2 and those days will fly by. next thing you know infamous will be there hope this helps

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