What to do, I LOVE HIM?

my boyfriend is moving to Cleveland and i live in Cincinnati (Forest Park) and i'm worried our relationship will end. I know that it will be easier when i get my license in a month because i will drive up to see him and my brother is close to him that he will take me too see him every weekend. But i am so used to seeing him everyday it's going to be hard. Do you think i should stay with him or just break up??

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    1 decade ago
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    Long distance relationships are really hard. If you think its not going to last very long you should just break up with him but if you guys Truly love each other you guys can probably make it work somehow. You will have to really trust each other.

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to him honestly. Ask him if he wants to stay together or break up. He may see his moving as a chance for a fresh new start (without you). Make sure he wants to stay with you, then see if moving closer to him will help or hinder your OWN plans for yourself. If moving won't hurt your plans, then why not?

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