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How do I get my dog to poop/pee on sand?

I live at the beach, I have a 1 year old puggle who I just rescued. My backyard is all sand and she doesnt ever want to go there she just follows me around and doesnt even sniff. I even wait a few hours before taking her out so I KNOW she has to go and she wont go and then I walk down the street and she goes in the grass. The problem with bringing her to the grass is. Its on someones property so I cant take her there during the day and I really shouldnt be taking her there at night either. I just want my dog to POOP ON SAND!!

Should I tie up her leash out in the back yard and leave her for awhile? Honestly my dog can go like 10 hours without pooping or peeing and has yet to poop or pee inside.


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    You can buy a "stake" that you hammer into the ground. It apparently stinks but to dogs it smells like other dogs so they wanna pee on or around it :)

    I Just looked them up on google and they are called "pee sticks" you can get them online, see source... \/ \/ \/

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    she may just not be able to find a sent. some dogs don't like the texture, smell, or temp of sand. i would buy s sent poll, they have it at pet stores and it is a sent that dogs like to pee on. you just stick it in the ground. you could also try leaving her out there so she has to go or.

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    Put her on a leash and walk her until she poops, you should be able to tell how long after eating she goes.

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