What type of paint do i use for kitchen cabinets?

The paint that was on it before just peeled off like a big layer of skin or something so it was quite easy to do that part, it was white in color. So now it looks like its left a glue residue and its all a light wooden color, but i know im going to need to sand it, it feels really fuzzy like to be honest. Why is that? it doesnt feel like smooth wood. So i feel if i try painting over it after sanding, it will look horrible and lumpy. Can someone please tell me what to do, the color im going is black. So what are the steps for this. help thanks

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  • Don S
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    1 decade ago
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    The biggest mistake people make when painting wood is to not clean and prepare the surface and that's the other paint peeled off. You now face the task of not only doing your own prep work but also repairing someone else's idiocy. First, remove the doors and drawerfront, get some turpentine, put it on a clean cloth, and wipe down all the surfaces. This removes any wax and oily build-up on the surface. Next scrape off any loose and peeling paint. Next, sand, sand, and sand some more with a 180-grit paper to remove any gloss and to even out the surface. Next, wipe again with turpentine to remove all sanding dust, and then wipe down with a damp rag and allow to dry. Buy a very good latex primer and apply two thin coats. Buy a very good latex enamel trim paint in gloss or semi-gloss and apply two even coats, (maybe three depending upon the color), to achieve an even color. It's lots of work but you'll end up with a very nice finish that will last for years.

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