How come people tell me that my marriage is going to be sex less ?

That's what my friends tell me, they said vietnamese girls from vietnam don't want to have sex. I think that is not true because all of my cousins who are in the states married a girl from vietnam and they have children. How come people tell me that my marriage is going to be a sex less marriage ??

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    your going to have more sex married than going through going through single-man dry spells that's for sure! that's stereotypical anyways! how do they know anything about the Vietnamese anyways? maybe if she really doesn't love you and just married you because it benefits her.i heard quite the opposite actually, i heard asians are freaky in the sack! i mean, do u have sex now? if shes saving it, then its a guessing game. if you have enough sex now, then you will be fine! marriage is just a word you tack on your relationship. if your relationship isn't strong, you marriage wont be either

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    How come you spend so much time on here worrying about what other people who you do not even know say about the future of your marriage? Stop it. Go marry some girl your family has selected, love her, and enjoy your life. End of story.

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    Marriage takes work. Most women are not capable of compartmentalizing their lives. There is always going to other things to attend to in marriage: finances kids etc. Women are not able to shut all the other stuff out and allow themselves the time to enjoy themselves. Sex and libido for a women is a very mental thing. Without total relaxation and clear head, they can not allow themselves the chance to enjoy sex, hence........


    Source(s): a six month period 5 years ago --- no money problems, no kid problems, no elderly parent issues, no health sex of the 20 year marriage, she woke up horney almost every day.
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    Women just loose interest in sex after marrage.

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    1 decade ago

    Probably because you spend so much time posting this question (and similar ones) over and over that you won't have time for sex...

  • morgan
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    1 decade ago

    Well I think was a person gets old & more busyer we not have as much time or desire for sex

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    Its up to you not to let it go "sexless." As long as you are attentive and loving to her, there should be no reason for her not to submit to you. (unless its a medical problem) lol

    Don't go by here say.

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    people keep telling us that too. you just have to make sure that no matter how busy you are, you always make time for each other and meet their needs.

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