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Why do "men suck at romance" and are women any better?

It seems to me no one's asking women to be romantic or judging them on their ability to be romantic so how can they claim they're better at being romantic. They know what they like and whether a guy is succeeding but it doesn't seem to me like that makes them good at being romantic. That's like an art critic thinking he's a good painter because he's good at finding fault in artists' paintings.


Baha, see my answer to that question. I REGULARLY do that sort of thing.

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    Man is the most romantic of all. Last night I even bring my wife a bunch of wild dandelions and Ocelot I catch with my own hands for love gift. Plus I also tell her love and I smack her bum 5 times a day. She like that and she make smile for Conan. She tell me stop but not really because she laugh when say it.

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    It seems that most women have low self esteem, and they want to blame others for not making them feel "special' often enough. This is what happens when you are needy and expect others to give you what you cannot give yourself. Obviously, if you cannot make yourself feel good about yourself, then other people can't do it for you.

    Besides, women are usually poor communicators, in the sense that they don't feel comfortable discussing openly and directly what they want, and they get upset when they realize that other people don't automatically "just know" what to do to make her happy (often, she doesn't know what she wants in the first place, but she expects other people to tell her).

    I also assume that a man's expectations of a relationship is lower than a woman's expectations are, as a woman depends on her romantic relationships to meet all of her emotional needs, while a man usually has other outlets like friends, career and hobbies to meet his emotional needs, so he doesn't demand as much from his partner.

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    Yeah. You're right. Well I think I can empathize with some women because some men can be dullards with little emotional and social sensitivity. I don't mean something like not having candle light evenings; what I mean is when the man cannot afford to caress with a woman without shortly coercing her to give him a 'release' or cannot caress a woman without immediately diving for her groin. Little things like that. It can also be verbal like inability to communicate in a soft and intelligent manner. Men can be pigs. Women can be pigs too. Men just tend to have somewhat lower standards or alternatively what we think comes naturally to women is really their desperate attempt to look and do best and we fail to appreciate it.

    I personally don't understand women who need to have some kind of a special setting or material goods around them for something to be 'romantic' and I might suck for them. What I see as romance is my interaction with the woman, physical and mental.

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    Some men are romantic--at least I admire their efforts. I had one belt out a song in front of my apartment many years ago. And I've been impressed with surprise getaways they planned out by themselves. I've never given a man flowers and I've gotten lots. What women want are sweet words and some tenderness. To spend all night in a guy I love arm's. I like what Griffith said.

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    What do you mean by "romance"?

    Average men are more interested in power, action, winning, achievement, sex, competition, and logic. Average women are more interested in relationships, feelings, cooperation, love, nurturing, and intimacy. So women are more sensitive to, and "better at" romance. See this for more perspective:

    Source(s): 72 years on earth, 30 as a therapist
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    Becuase women are made like that they like a lot of romantic stuff. Boys like to eat exercise(sometimes) and do men stuff its just mother nature no one really knows ???? :)

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    That's just it - women don't have any actual talent. They are good at picking and choosing. This applies to men, beauty products, clothes, baby names, groceries, etc.

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