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How can i get coach to notice me?

k so ill be a junior this year and we've already started summer work outs. well the coack was like juniors and seniors get up here so we did and then out of us he chose what he though was the best group for spped and stuff. he called up some kids that im a ton faster and stronger than but for some reason because he knows there dads and there dads always call the coach and suck up to him. so im faster and stronger but these kids just get special treatment it gets me mad i work really hard and just want coach to notice me. i really want to get a varsity jersey this year but idk if i will cuz coach pays no attention except to his special little group what should i do

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    Sarge is giving a grammar lesson?? Funny considering you have 3 incomplete sentences.

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    Don't complain.

    Play your hardest on every play, and run to and from the field- show hustle.

    Have a can do attitude.

    Talk to a coach and express interest in their advice on ways to improve.

    Be the first to practice, and the last to leave.

    If you are faster and stronger, just work on being smarter, and continue to improve and prove yourself at each opportunity. Keep your grades up.

    Also- watch the movie Rudy and you will know what I am talking about- not giving up, always trying, and etc.

    Good luck- go pound the opponents!

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    when i played Highschool Football in my freshman year i barely ever got noticed for i am only 5'7" and i played running back, i was strong, fast, and very athletic however i had the same problem, however i was the starter during my sophomore to senior years, how i got noticed was i let my play do the talking, i made the best of every oppertunity i was given, whether it be practice, scrimmige, or a small carry here and there, i proved myself to my coach by literally proving to myself that i could, im currently in college and a 2nd string backup for the Montana Grizzlies, however i would have never even gotten here if it wasnt for me doing my best on every opportunity.

    I guess what im trying to say is to impress your coach, show him that you want to be there, show him what you can truly do.

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    Continue to work harder than them. Coaches love players who push themselves and don't give up... or at least smart coaches do. Push yourself in the weight room, show the coach that you WANT to play. If all else fails though, tell the coach yourself what you're thinking.

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    always sit close to the coach on the bench and work extra hard in practice and push your body to its limits but don't try to show off or anything stupid coaches like hard workers

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    One, stop whining. Two, learn how to spell, Three, learn grammar. Four, learn how to write a sentence properly.


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    Get naked. That will get his attention.

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