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Would it be a stupid decision for LBJ to stay in Cleveland?

I think it would be a bad decision. If he stayed in Cleveland, it would be a big mistake. He would be stuck with Jamison, Mo Williams, and Parker. They're gonna win 60 games in the regular season because LBJ's teammates will play well. And then, in the playoffs, LBJ will get many triple doubles while Mo, West, Parker and Jamison choke once again.

So what if he's from Northeast Ohio. Kobe is from Philly but plays for the Lakers. MJ lived his childhood in North Carolina, but he played for the Bulls. It's not like if LBJ leaves Cleveland, he can never go there again to meet relatives and friends.

LBJ, Cleveland has nothing to offer you. Look around. People are saying you choked and they're bashing you for having 0 rings. It's because of your failure teammates. They play great in the regular season, and then they watch you do all the work in the playoffs. You have a triple double in Game 6 and the Cavs lose. Kobe has a bad game, and the Lakers still win Game 7 to win the Finals.

Leave Cleveland. Bosh and Stoudemire publicly said that they don't want to do a sign and trade to go to Cleveland. Leave Cleveland. Save your legacy.

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    Pros -> Stay In Cleveland

    1) He stays in a city that loves, endears him, and it's also a part of his hometown.

    2) He'll earned the loyalty batch that many greats like Jordan, Karl Malone, and Kobe have had playing for the same team throughout his career.

    3) He'll have more say in every decision the Cavs make regarding personnel, coaching change, trading for players he wants more so than if he were to go somewhere else.

    4) He still has a formidable team and won't have to starting over rebuilding chemistry and talent.

    5) Cleveland can pay him more than any other team.

    Pros -> Leaving Cleveland

    1) He can pick and choose any team and they will welcome him with open arms.

    2) He won't be stuck on a team filled with aging players who may decline in a few years.

    3) He increases his odds of winning a championship (like Garnett) going to a team with much more young talent capable of supporting him and can build his own dynasty.

    4) He'll have a choice of which coach he chooses play and bigger markets tend to have/attract more competent coaches.

    5) Expanding into a bigger market allows him to pursuit his dreams of becoming the first sports athlete billionaire.

    LeBron should leave Cleveland

    Why stay with a team that isn’t quite good enough to win it all. The Cavs have several issues, most of which are rendered moot a majority of the time by just how good Lebron is. Put them up against a good team, like the Magic last year or the Celts this year and their deficiencies become clear. The Cavs have 1 good player and several role players. Mo Williams never showed up for this team, Shaq is old and a liability on defense, Antawn is a glorified garbage man type player and everyone else is just a straight up 2nd stringer. If I was Lebron, I would look for the team with the best combination of talent that has a chance to win it immediately. Sorry NYC, it’s not the Knicks. If I was him I would find a team with a good PG so I didn’t have to have the ball in my hand all the time. I would also find a team with at least 1 other player who can consistently score 20 a game, not occasionally. Lebron needs another star player to take some of the pressure off of him. He needs a Gasol to his Kobe. He also needs a real coach who knows how to game plan and adjust. The Cavs have neither and would need to completely overhaul the team to get it.

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    I think Le Bron will leave if CAVS cannot find someone to support him. Lets accept the fact that JAMISON, MO, and even VAREJAO sucks in the playoff and of course SHAQ.

    So I would suggest that the CAVS find a way to get Chris Paul a 3 way trade with Spurs and Hornet will not be bad.

    CAVS Get Chris Paul

    SPURS get Delonte West and Varejao

    HORNETS get Tony Parker and JJ HIckson

    I would say that Spurs will agree on this trade cause they will received a complimentary bigman that with support Duncan and a back up point guard or even a starter in Delonte West.

    While hornets received an All Start point guard in Tony Parker with a young and improving JJ Hickson that would allow them to trade David West and Omeka Okafor to save some Cash

    The CAVS find a way to Trade Mo Williams and Jamison for a big guy, Brendan Haywood will be a good fit and Troy MUrphy. Then Find a way to convince Ray Allen to Play along with James and Paul.

    if James stay so as SHAQ that would still make the competitive in the paint.

    I also like Dirk Nowitski going to CAVS but something will not happen.

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    He should leave cause Cleveland is a horrible place to live, the people suck and their teams never win

    Big cities deserve stars and titles. Places like Cleveland shouldn't even have teams

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    first of all, kobe and mj werent drafted to their hometeams, second, LeBron is a loyal Ohioan born and raised, Kobe was basically raised in Europe and Mj was born in New York. LeBron would be making the right decision staying with the Cavs.

    where did u get this stoudamire bosh rumor that they dont want sign and trade to cavs

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  • LBJ ain't never gonna find a city that loves him like cleveland if leaves but he's stayin

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    yes because they cannot get a championship for their life in cleveland

  • Wooooow you're still asking questions about lebrick. My god you're obsessed w/ him

    aren't you?

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