Help me get back on sleeping schedule HELP!!!?

I NEED help, its summer and i'm off my sleeping schedule. Well earlier this summer i stayed up really late and went to bed at about 4am - 6am and waking up at like 4pm - 5pm it was really bothering me because i had nothing to do at night and i just end up watching T.V. all night. And I tried fixing it but i failed, see my plan was to stay up all night and day, and then go back to bed at night but i ended up crashing at like 10am and woke up like at 3pm. Now i was able to go to bed that

night at like 9pm but woke up at 4am and now its like 11:06 noon and i'm super tired I don't wanna go to bed because ill just wake up at like 11pm and ill have to start all over what do i do???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try excersiaing a lot at night or as early as 5. & eat foods low in sugar that don't give you energy. Hope that helps!! & don't watch tv before you go to bed for that can keep you up.

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