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CA is going to vote to either save jobs or implement more global warming initiatives, what should they do?

The Secretary of State announced yesterday that the California Jobs Initiative will be Proposition 23 on the November ballot.

The qualification of this measure will now give Californians a chance to decide between saving California’s economy or sacrificing a million jobs and billions of dollars on new ineffective environmental regulations.

Sacramento politicians passed AB 32 which amounts to a new $60 billion energy tax that will kill jobs in California. It’s being implemented by legions of bureaucrats and a huge bureaucracy that admit it will do virtually nothing to solve global warming. Here’s the price tag we’re being asked to pay for an ill-conceived, flawed and ineffective proposal:

Over 1.1 million lost jobs (Sacramento State University Economist)

Up to 60 percent higher retail electricity rates (Southern California Public Power authority)

8 percent increase in natural gas costs (CARB)

$3.7 billion in higher gasoline and diesel costs (Sierra Research)

Possible $143 billion cap and trade auction tax to offset AB 32’s higher energy prices and job losses (CARB Economic Allocation and Advisory Committee)


That means a Yes vote on Proposition 23 would:

- Save more than one million jobs.

- Stop billions in higher energy costs.

- Stop higher car taxes.

- Avoid a $500 million water tax.

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    What California *should* do is vote to keep/create jobs and forget the environment--Mother Nature will take care of her own problems.

    Unfortunately, what California will most likely do is vote to protect the environment. When their economy collapses there will be a cleaner environment in which to hunt for food.

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    uncertain. the main considerable element to pull far off from the dislike SPEECH is this guy or woman (dare I call him that on the threat of offending humanity, regrettably, I have not got the different recourse of face getting suggested. The Libs in basic terms have faith in loose-speech whilst it fits their endeavors) believes that the individuals of the South are straightforward stupid. As particularly some the posts suggested, the creeping few inches might concievable warrant a mass exodus, yet this 'genius' of the left, of course thinks the South is purely too incompentent to head. possibly he's basing this on people who remained in New Orleans whilst Katrina grew to become into coming (even with the masses of thousands of warnings)? no one has ever accused a Liberal of making use of rational concept of their arguments, so I fail to confirm why the different them may well be beginning now. the author of that article is a racist and a hate monger. he won't be silenced or compelled off the 'air" (which will communicate) as we interior the amazing have faith interior the real Freedom of Speech, and that incorporates the idiots on the Left. of course, had this been a Conservative author, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson may well be petitioning this guy or woman's resignation. besides, all of us comprehend that the international warming subject is nicely a Republican Initiative to drown out the Democrat sturdy holds, like the Northeastern US, the Pacific Northwest and California. Duh!

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    The libs that run california will implement more global warming initiatives. Then we have a bunch of idiots for voters that will more than likely pass this crap. So im going to say no jobs will be saved

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    That's obviously a false choice framed by ideologues.

    Green jobs will replace the envrionmentally destructive fossil fuel jobs

    If the Gulf oil spill doesn't wake conservatives to the need of saving the earth from fossil fuels, I'm not sure what will.

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    what they should do is save jobs, they must retake their state from the left unless they want to be a 3rd world state

    Source(s): May God Bless you and keep us all safe from the progressive axis of evil,0bama,Pelosi&Reid
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    I know what they SHOULD do, but I doubt they'll do it. I think they'll have it spun to them like a no vote is a good thing.

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    They better not pass it.

    There's no way this state could survive it.

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