When is the pokemon "Celebi" event for soul silver?

ive always wanted a celebi and i heard an event for celebi is comin up. i would like to know the exact month date and year that you will be able to get a celebi.i also heard that once you get a celebi there is also an extra event for it.if you answer i would also like if you could say the level of celebi.i do not have an action replay at the moment so i would not like any action replay codes.also if you could state the time the event to get celebi starts and ends.


also i live in the US

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is not available at the moment in the U.K (or U.S) it is however available in Japan. To receive this Pokémon you must head into a cinema in Japan that is showing the new movie, you can then download it in there. The movie premieres on the 15th July in Japan

    It was also given away for the 10th Anniversary event in 2006. You may trade it from a gba game or someone else who has one.

    Source(s): I didn't get my info from there but Serebii.net is a very good site for upcoming Pokémon news
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