I severely injured someone who i got into a fight with, How deep crap am i in?

here is exactly what happened, its all on the security cam on the building but im not sure if i was in the right

I was sitting in front of the library at my college with a few friends one of my friends was playing my guitar

a person whom at the time was a stranger to me asked to play it, my friend handed it to him without my consent

i berated my friend and stood up and reached for it saying "thats mine"

and he stepped back and pulled away and said "chill out i just want to see it"

i said "give me the guitar, i don't know you"

and he said "im just checking it out" and he strummed it a few times

I reached for it again and he smacked my hand away

i tried two more times to grab it away but it seems like he was trying to play keep away

i stopped and said "im not playing around, thats my guitar, I don't know you and you didn't ask me if you could touch it"

meanwhile my friends are laughing at me thinking im being too serious but its a $1000 that i had just bought two days before

I reached for it again and he slapped my hand and moved away again and he said "what are you being so serious for"

i reached for it again and managed to grab ahold of it and tried to jerk it away and when he couldn't pull it away he started twisting all the tuning knobs

that was the last straw for me and i let go with my right hand and punched him in the face as hard as that angle and our proximity would permit

he took a few steps back before he stumbled and fell and i turned around and walked away

I put the guitar in its case and told my friends we should get out of here before campus security comes

the guy ran up behind me and tackled me to the floor

Im a little bit bigger than him and not to be vain or anything but im a pretty fit guy and i overpowered him pretty easily

but he resorted to grabbing my hair and trying to stick his fingers in my eyes

I gave him a couple face punches to try to make him let go of my hair

he poked me really hard in the eye so i decided enough was enough

i hopped up as much as i could with him still holding on to my hair and kneed him in the stomach

when he let go i grabbed his wrist pulled him up and twisted it behind his back

we were both standing i had his arm twisted with one hand on his wrist and the other on his elbow and he kicked my guitar case

the latch came undone and the guitar skid across the concrete

now here is the part where i overreacted

I pulled a steven seagal and broke his arm at the elbow and then i kicked his feet out from underneath him sending him facefirst into the concrete

At the moment i felt like a complete badass but then he turned over and that feeling quickly turned to fear

I just broke a mans arm and from the looks of his profusely bleeding face probably his nose, jaw and/or teeth

i looked around at all the people that ha gathered and all their stunned faces and then i snapped back to reality and yelled at them for someone to call an ambulance

so thats basically it

that was about 8 hours ago i talked to the police and they let me go because all my friends said he through the first punch i didnt say much of anything not wanting to incriminate myself or anything

the paramedics said he had a broken elbow and nose

so tell me... how far up the creek am i


also will it help that i have a completely clean record

Ive never been in trouble with the law, not even a parking ticket

i know i threw the actual first punch but i think him slapping my hands should count as him hitting me first or am i wrong

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    You're up sh!ts creek without a paddle.

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    well hurting someone in a fight is pretty bad and you really need to look at what you did and why you did it and not just because a real look your actions will look good in court, but because what you did is kind of crazy.

    even if this guy was a fool, he is a person who will feel a lot of pain because of what you did - even if he did behave very stupidly and maybe even do enough for you to state that what you did was in self defense - as probably part of it was.

    if you get charged with assault - six months from now the degree of hassle and expense you will realize that even if the guy smashed your guitar into a million pieces, what you did was not worth it.

    we live in a world where you can simply NEVER indulge your temper to that degree. it's never worth it and so frequently results in situations that are very bad for you - not to mention the person on the other side of the fist.

    you'll need to lawyer up - and you may as well get ahead of the curve and at least speak with one now - some will chat with you for an hour for no charge.

    next you need to find some anger management groups and start attending them TODAY. some day you may sit across from a judge who will want some evidence that you are trustworthy and not a danger to society. admitting you have a problem and then doing something about that may help.

    if you don't have any previous legal history and a decent lawyer and attend therapy and anger management groups - odds are you won't do time.

    if you are extremely lucky, charges may be dropped against you after you go through your probation.

    but you really need to make this as right as you can - you hurt someone for basically nothing.

    think about that...

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    This is not good. I am assuming the police will get the video and then arrest you. Here is the deal, if they arrest you.... don't say anything. A mediocre defense attorney will be able to defend this. Many assault charges are misdemeanors and if you have a fairly clean record... you will be okay. Being arrested is not as scary as many think it is. I would be more worried about this guy coming back and suing you in small claims court for medical bills.

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    You will be OK - and I think the guy needed an attitude adjustment- he wont pull crap like that anymore!

    Your friend that gave it to him is a nimrod- he should get some of the blame. But the guy came after you - even though you hit him 1st - he would not give you back your propery and was making you feel threaten for your own safety by jeering at you and slapping your hand as you attempted to get it back. He then tackled you and you were defending yourself PERIOD - get it! Self defense!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    This sounds like GBH (Grevious Bodily Harm). Even if he assualted you first, you repeatedly attacked and assualted him, without mercy. You could be looking at several months in jail, depending if you have a history of commiting GBH or serious assualt.

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    For your childish behavior you deserve jail time. and will probly get it.

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