What's your opinion on the proposed law banning texting while driving?

My take:

Now matter the intent, it's ridiculous.

One: how will this be enforced? One article states "Dialing while driving isn't illegal, so officers have to ask drivers if they were texting or calling."

Two: Shouldn't we focus on education rather than legislation first?

Much like the seat belt laws, people aren't wearing their seat belts because they saw a "click-it or ticket" sign. But rather, because they are educated enough to know its the smart thing to do!

This is nothing more than another cash grab/revenue-generator by the State; being passed at the mercy of a feel-good motive.




Maybe I should re-word this question....

Do you prefer a law, or education to help prevent texting-while-driving accidents?

Any one with half a brain would agree texting and driving is a bad idea. The question pertains to do we need laws to remind us of this....

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    1 decade ago
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    The Libertarian in me disagrees with the idea of passing silly little laws regulating EVERYONE's behavior in the hope of saving a couple lives here and there (it's not the government's job, IMO), but the States do have the right to pass such laws within their own borders.

    However, a Federal law (or a nationwide ban, as some have suggested) would be a violation of the 10th amendment and therefore illegal.

    In either case, I refrain from texting while driving because I am not a moron, not because some "law" tells me I have to.

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    Something has to be done. The percentage of distracted drivers is getting higher and higher thanks to the increased capability of cell phones, Ipads, etc. It's becoming a huge problem that I see on a constant basis every day, people glued to or concentrating on their phones while they're hurtling down the road in their 4000 pound mass of metal at 120 feet per second, oblivious of what's going on around them.

    I can pretty much guarantee a ban won't work unless the penalties are draconian. Something like a 500 dollar fine and impoundment of the vehicle for 30 days would probably wake a few people up.

    I pretty much have to go with a law. The whole education thing is great if everyone had a prediliction to do the right thing and not endanger others by engaging in unwise activtities. Unfortunately, reality indicates that is not the case much of the time, so a law with extreme penalties is the only surefire way to get the point across.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm pretty impartial to the law.

    It's incredibly stupid, reckless and inconsiderate to text while driving.

    Should it be illegal? Well, let's just say there are other stupid traffic laws I would prefer to see repealed first, like seatbelts.

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    1 decade ago

    Should be a nationwide ban. In fact, nationwide there should be a headset/Bluetooth law as well.

    Source(s): Mobile phone user who uses Bluetooth in a state that bans texting for drivers under 20, and doesn't have a headset law either.
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  • 1 decade ago

    You would be WISE to obey it, the life you save just may be your own..

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