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26 year old teacher. Should I join Navy or Coast guard?

I am a single teacher with no kids. I am currently thinking either Coast guard reserves or Navy reserves. I really have no idea what I want to do in either one. I eventually want to go active duty, but for right now Im just gonna get a feel for the military. Im a wellspoken individual, pretty mature, I do want to travel and still have some fun. (party a little bit) But I want to meet some cool people and make friends as well. Which do you guys recommend?

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    Marine Corps reserve

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    well either one as a reservist will not be to life altering. However if your going active duty then it would really boil down to what you want out of it. They both have very different missions. Another thing to consider is are you looking to be an officer or enlisted. You have a college degree I assume since your a teacher my recommendation is go through OCS and become an officer. The Navy is a Global fighting force you will get to travel to exciting place, meet exciting people, and take part in killing them. This is the very necessary job of our Navy Boys ( I am a former Marine) even if you are not a direct combatant you will support those who are. if your ok with that then the Navy is a great military service. The Coast Guard has a different role in that it is almost entirely about saving peoples lives be it by preventative safety, rescue, or arresting or killing drug dealers. Both have there jobs to do and both do them better than any other in the world. You have to decide the career you want first and then decide which suits your needs best. We would be honored to have your service either way

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    You probably ought to talk to a Navy and Coast Guard recruiter in the area and see what is even available. In Reserve forces like that they're generally pretty small and you don't get to be very choosey. They may only have a small number of choices so there's no point getting your heart set on something you can't do.

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    Navy for sure. You need to be educated and their opportunities are endless, live in different countries.. the money isn't too bad either.

    Source(s): Navy recruiter told me his life story. lol
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